Midgard Partners creates its investment opportunities across all sectors of the Nordic Real Estate market through a combination of research, analytical process and local market presence. The team sets itself apart by looking beyond traditional market channels and prioritising alternative investment processes that include secondaries, complex structures and multiple counterparts.

As long as there is fundamental value potential in the underlying real estate, the company and its investment partners will consider a variety of ownership forms across the capital structure.

Through its strong local presence and network, the team is able to efficiently lead its acquisition processes from underwriting, due diligence and financing to tax and corporate structuring.

Asset Management

Midgard Partners undertakes advanced asset management strategies in accordance with its formulated business plans including, but not limited to, tenant negotiations, development programmes, change of use and platform expansions. The team has a diverse and international background and is able to meet the highest requirements of value added management and reporting in a variety of scenarios.

Due to the rapid urbanisation and high degree of indirect real estate ownership in the Nordic market, there are a wealth of overlooked asset management opportunities to pursue.

Irrespective of structure, our management goals remain unchanged – to preserve and then to grow invested capital with superior risk adjusted returns.


In parallel with its investment and asset management activities, the team is well positioned to assist third parties with Nordic Real Estate advisory. The team is highly experienced in all stages of the value cycle, from capital raising and origination, diligence, financing, structuring, partnering and management through to second opinions and exit strategies.

The Nordic market, although increasingly transparent, is still dominated by local players and transactions. Midgard Partners can breakdown the barriers for international capital.

The executives at Midgard Partners have an exceptional track record in partnering domestic and international capital in large ticket off market transactions.